You have data captured in the online tools you use to run your store.
Now, you want to fulfill your vision of becoming a data-based decision-making retailer, displaying your customer, sales, and marketing information in beautiful reports and visualizations, and gleaning insights from your data.

But, you don't have time to scour through and organize all the data trapped in your CRM, in your accounting software, in your email software, your marketing tool, etc. And you don't have time to teach someone else to do it.

Using our plug-ins and analyses skills
We help online retailers turn their captive data into smart decisions for the future

=="Analytics powers every decision, from the strategic to the tactical, from the board room to your line level employees. -- Tristan Handy, Fish Analytics, co-creator of dbt==

How can The BI Crowd help you succeed?

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What We Do

In a nutshell: we do Business Intelligence (BI).

We are developing the Athena plug-ins for Wordpress and Shopify, designed to help vendors and merchants find their best customers using actual data and information provided by the vendors themselves.

The BI Crowd also provides on call services to create bespoke reports, dashboards, SQL queries, and data imports, on a monthly retainer.

Create a report or visualization from your business dataCreate a dashboard or story displaying your reportsCreate a SQL query you can use to pull your business dataImport data from one source into another (e.g. app to database, or CSV file to database)Analyze your data and create tables behind the scenes to help you pull the data you need

* Charged quarterly. Each task is a single report, dashboard, SQL query, ETL job, etc. For longer tasks, please contact us.


The BI Crowd

The BI Crowd helps you make your online retail data actionable so that you can focus on using the insights gained from that data to grow your stores.

The BI Crowd includes experts in business intelligence, data warehousing, report and visualization creation, plus several cloud (AWS, MS Azure) and on-premise analytics technologies, and consulting. We bring all this to bear on each task we do for you.

The BI Crowd was founded by Samori Augusto.
Samori has 15 years of BI experience, and has used BI & Analytics tools such as Tableau, Power BI, SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Oracle BI, and Domo, to create reports, dashboards, and visualizations that makes business data actionable. The BI Crowd also creates Udemy Courses.


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Have an opinion or differing view of what we can do in Analytics for your small or medium organization? Fill out our survey.

Description of Tasks

-More details coming very soon.

One (1) report or visualization (chart, graph, etc.) will be developed with a maximum of three (3) joined tables for the data source of the report. The tables must be created and organized (relationships/joins created) by you, or by The BI Crowd in a separate task.
One (1) dashboard or story can include up to eight (8) attached reports or visualizations created separately by you, or The BI Crowd. If the dashboard or story needs to include filters that affect all reports or visualizations in it, then all the reports must have related data that the filter will affect.
One (1) SQL query with up to two (2) subqueries will be created to pull data from up to three (3) tables, to include joins, filters (WHERE clauses), and other SQL elements. The tables must be made available in a database, file, or similar source by you, or from a separate task completed by The BI Crowd.
One (1) data source (database, CSV or other format file, CRM, other business software, etc.) will be analyzed. The data must have an available connector from an Analytics tool, should be connectable by ODBC, or should have a connector from a connector market such as Zapier.
Three (3) tables will be created through the import of data from a data source (see Data Analysis above for more details on connections and data sources).

Working Methods and Access

The BI Crowd only works remotely.Each quarterly or annual retainer plan will include a new contract that we will provide online, agree to at a meeting, and both sides will sign online.We will schedule an online video conference with you for each task or group of tasks, to verify requirements, due dates, an initial estimate of time to complete, and a list of tools we may need to complete the task.We provide a status report (depending on how long the task takes to complete) and a final report for each task. We will also review the completed task with you to verify delivery.We also provide a monthly summarization report of all the tasks completed for you.
In order to get started on any tasks, The BI Crowd requires access to the relevant systems involved in the tasks.You must be able to provide us with remote access into your network, and user IDs and passwords to whatever software we will need to use.We may need to install software on our own machines in order to complete the tasks. In this case you must provide a license, or there must be a free/trial version of the software (in your name) that we can use during development of the tasks. We will notify you if we already have the software or if we will be using certain free tools to complete the tasks.If you have cloud software or tools, and the task involves work in the cloud, you must be able to provide login credentials and roles that we can use to run any cloud software or tools we need to complete the task. Also, if your cloud network enforces network security groups, access lists, or the like, you may need to identify our IPs and allow them access to VMs or jumpboxes (aka bastions or NATs).

Incidental Costs

Any software we have to purchase on your behalf, in order to complete a task, will be paid for by you, prior to The BI Crowd taking on the task.Any installations we have to do on your behalf, in order to complete a task, will be charged as an additional task (depending on complexity it may cost more) over and above any costs for the software itself that you will bear.
The BI Crowd does not undertake any non-analytics tasks that have not been discussed above or on the home page, such as web design, massive architecture changes, data migrations, data warehouse implementations, data science analysis, serverless applications in the cloud, web applications, Java development, in-depth business analysis, etc. We're happy to discuss any such requests separately, and they will be considered an actual project, with an entirely different cost structure.

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